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Rotary Club of Bournemouth Personal Data Privacy Policy

As required under the General Data Protection Regulations, the Club Council has undertaken an assessment and has determined that ‘Legitimate Interest’ is the appropriate legal basis under which the Club should proceed.

Following that determination, this Personal Data Privacy Policy has been agreed by the Club Council.


1- Members of the Club (and new applicants) are required to provide their:

• Name

• Address
Optionally, Members can provide their:

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Current/previous vocation

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

    2 -Member records will be updated to reflect the following additional information:

  • The date of joining Rotary

  • The date of joining the Rotary Club of Bournemouth

  • Any membership of Club Council and / or Club Committees

  • Offices held at Rotary District or national or international level

  • Holders of any Rotary Service awards and recognitions

    3 – Member records will be updated to reflect their membership status as follows:

    • An Active Member

    • An Honorary Member

    • An Associate Member

      4 – Members will be entitled to request at any time that any of their optional personal data be:

    • Updated to record changes in their circumstances

    • Amended to correct errors

    • Removed from the Club’s records

      5 – Members may request to see a copy of their personal data held by the club at any time

    • To make these requests the member should contact the Club’s Executive Secretary

      who is the keeper of the personal records of members.

  1.  6  Members can pay their annual subscriptions by cheque or bank standing order or any other recognised bank transfer system. Where a member opts to pay by standing order, it is their responsibility to instruct their bank to make annual or monthly payments to the Club’s nominated bank account. Members’ bank account details are not recorded in their membership record or used for any other purpose.

  2. 7  When members cease to be a member of the Club, their personal data will be removed from the Club’s records and securely destroyed or deleted, as appropriate.

  3. 8  Member’s personal data will be kept as securely as possible in password protected files and where possible encryption will be used.

  4. 9  Member’s personal data will only be used by Members to:

    • Identify them as a member

    • Distribute the Club’s regular Newsletters

    • Distribute notices regarding events being organised by the Club, by other Rotary

      organisations and other information which Club Council believes is of interest to members.

  5. 10  The personal data identified in Paragraphs 1 to 4, as amended as necessary under the terms of Paragraph 5, will be shared from time to time with other Members electronically in the form of a password protected list.

    This personal data will also be shared with RIBI and Rotary District 1110, as required under the Rules and Regulations of Rotary International to permit the distribution of material of general interest to members and to enable those bodies to calculate the Club’s annual capitation fees.

  6. 11  All general emails to Members will be sent out “BCC”.

    12.Member’s personal data will NOT be shared with any non-Rotary organisation or person.

  7. 13.  All booking forms showing personal data for members and other attendees for Club events and other activities will be securely destroyed as soon as possible after conclusion of the event.

  8. 14  The Club does not hold personal data for any children but does from time to time organise events that include the participation of children. Entry forms for such events are and must be authorised by a parent or guardian or by each child’s school.

    Any child’s personal data arising from such an event will be securely destroyed as soon as the event has been completed.

  9. 15  No third party advertising literature (or similar) will be distributed to members.

  10. 16  A “Personal Data Privacy Notice” will be included in:

    • The New Member Application Form

    • An e-mail to all members on or before 25th May 2018

    • The Club’s website

  1. v1  – May 2018

  2. v2  – April 2021

  3. v3  – April 2022

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